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Boiler optimisation tool terms and conditions

Nesta is the UK’s innovation agency for social good. We design, test and scale new solutions to society’s biggest problems, changing millions of lives for the better. Nesta’s sustainable future mission aims to accelerate the decarbonisation of household activities in the UK.

We will aim to ensure that all the information provided on our website is accurate, up to date and based on the latest available research, data and thinking. We share it in good faith but please take the time to check that the advice on our website is right for your own circumstances. When you are making any decisions, you should be confident that you fully understand what the implications (whether financial, legal or medical) are of taking a particular course of action. 

The content of these pages is intended to give information only and we will not be liable for any decisions that you make.  Nesta cannot compensate you for any loss you may suffer as a result of:

  • action you take based on anything you read on these pages;
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  • any parts of our website being unavailable or inaccessible;
  • your use of any organisation’s website that you can access from our website (including any purchase from that organisation and any use they make of the personal data you provide to them);
  • the downloading of any material from any of our website.;

Nesta will not exclude any liability we may have in the unlikely event we have been fraudulent or if we are negligent and as a result we cause death or personal injury in connection with this website.

All content may be printed, copied or downloaded from the website provided that it is for private and personal use.  You must not use any content for commercial gain. In the event that you do print, copy or download the content, Nesta grants you a non-exclusive, royalty free licence to use its logo in relation to the content and you must always cite Nesta as the content creator.  You will be responsible for any damage to your computer system that may result from the downloading of any content or any other harm (save as provided for otherwise elsewhere here) that arises as a result of your use of the content.